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Thursday, January 27, 2011
9months of 11B
13 more till the pink ic
pasir lebar
back to tekong

i rock ^-^

Sunday, April 18, 2010
Oh my justifying reasons's an absolutely insane resolution to live by......
not blogging!
gosh i really forgot how blogging's like. It already feels weird typing these stuff now...
but yea...guess not many people read this anymore.. oh well, it's my own little corner. (=
Going into army soon, like in about 8 days...yes next tues. and totally ambivalent about what it's gonna be like there. i hope i get nice friends and all.. you know, friends who don't snore in the middle of the night... who don't stink... and definitely FRIENDS WHO DO NOT SIT ON YOUR BED. yes... these are the most important qualities. haha. For now, i'm gonna spend as much time with close friends and also drum! and oh yes...that reminds me...looks like someone's special day is coming up in 2 days time!!! (= i cant wait

oh yes...tmr's my interview at SMU school of information systems. Guess what... i have next to no idea what information systems is about! But i guess it's not too bad a course to enter. heard it's quite a good degree to pursue.. yet at the same time, i don't know if it's what i wanna do. for those who know me...i suck at all the computer stuff.. and yesss information systems...REQUIRE A LOT OF COMPUTER POWER. well...lets say i should just do my best for tmr's interview first.

OH more thing. I PASSED DRIVING...but still far from using the car by myself. Parents just won't allow me to drive it alone man... i think i'll be out of army by the time they do.

well, i hope it's the end of my long long long haitus.

shall try to post more er...PASSIONATE BLOG ENTRIES


Tuesday, December 1, 2009
yea...around this time last time flies
its been ages.

Tmr marks the end of A's and its gonna be a busy busy dec
last mon marked the fake end of A's and its been a tornado of activities since.
its cruel how cambridge puts the last exam so late in dec the 3rd

Jojo mayer, yes. i'm in love
jojo mayer....not in the way YOU think
jojo mayer....he's madly awesome'

its rather unreal and a lil to0 good to be true...

Merry Christmas People

Sunday, August 2, 2009
hmm i think i need a new blog...say ' 2nd revival of the dead blog'

yep sounds good to me! (=

Monday, May 11, 2009
ahaha. it's not one month till i last blogged yet! wahahahaha
so the posts are still coming... yes they're coming.. slow but steady, yes very steady


The worst thing is. THERE'S NAPHA TOMORROW. And i can't run for nuts.
getting a C for 2.4 already pushes my lungs to the max. i can only dream for a B.
And thanks to dao ming, who had an incredible revelation that A levels is only 26 weeks really made my day by easing my already maxed level of anxiety.
Studies have been INCREASINGLY DECREASING in excitment level... and that's really not good. this 26 182 days left till A levels have to be my best days of my life. i have to enjoy everything, from integration by parts to transposons to benzaldehaydes and fiscal policies. yes, i love them to the max.

ok just incase your're wondering why im using the word 'max' so much...
I'm just trying to promote this event called playmax...which is sometime in early june...
and for all you readers ( few ...i know) who want to know more about this PLAYMAX thing. come ask me...
i'll refer you to someone who knows more(=
haha no la i wont....just ask me...


Sunday, April 12, 2009
It's been a great week last week for many reasons.
I'm just happy that there's good friday!
but, no....choir had to intrude....

procrastination procrastination procrastinati0n...
be gone!
It's April and it's high time all J2s start becoming super muggers and aim for the 5 As we all want to get!
Can't let little stuff get in the way! that's more sleeping in the afternoons, no more late nights, no more late tutorials, and no more WORD CHALLENGE. ( oh who dares challenge me?!)
yes, sacrifice jon.k sacrifice. No pain no gain, no stuggle no power....ok enough

Studying aside, i shall take some good advice and start planning for the things i want to do after A levels. here goes:
- drum at least 5 times a week, 5 hours per session
- run 3 times every week to prepare for army
- go to Egypt! ( yes that's a highlight)
and last but definitely not least,
- prepare for my speech about the 5 As I'm gonna get for A levels

i suggest all you J2s out there start preparing that speech too, you're gonna need it when that awesome result day come!(=

all the best J2s! and er J1s all the best to you too for promotion.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009
so a lot of things have happened since March 12.
And er, to all those out there...esp chairs and dan vai.
The passion's not never will be!
Absence just makes the heart grow fonder( hah, irregular blogging's all part of the plan!)

so here a really brief update, on what i think has happened since the last time
er...i know it's really really really late but er.... IGNITE? HAHA( k it's super late...)
yep it was a really awesome time, and the songs are still stuck in my head till this day...

what else did i miss. hmm
School's been school, go figure... lects, tutorials, and er MUCH MORE? oh yes ...choir, SYF's coming soon, and i as much as i'm excited im tired, and want it to end asap.Why? Cos mr Wong wants us, i mean... we want to be super muggers. yes

PW results out this thur and here's the following reactions gin would have wrt the following grades...
A- sigh, with relieve
B- feel super sad
C- go home cry and emo for one month
(C and D i made up... but i think it would be something like that)
D- quit school and go somewhere else
E- exile himself from all humanity
U- you'll find him at the roof of the HDB flat beside school, shouting out our names before Newton's law take over.

so that's PW for ya.

oh and for my blog's ' my space my voice i would like to share with you some insightful derivatives'

halogenoalkane - > alkene ( ethanolic KOH, reflux)
alkene -> halogenoalkane ( HX, r.t)
halogenoalkane -> alcohol ( NaOH, heat)
halogenoalkane-> nitrile ( ethanolic KCN, reflux)
halogenoalkane-> amine ( excess concentrated NH3, heat in sealed tube)

im sure Mr wong would be proud....